Playing the Wii while smoking bud.
Dude, do you want to go Wiid?
by Bochok December 05, 2009
Top Definition
What the guys at Nintendo were smokin' when they thought of the name.
"When we thought of the name, we were smokin' wiid."
- Nintendo
by Ezgamer May 18, 2006
Playing videogames when stoned...
-Had a time playing the new super rmario game last night, after a few spliffs.

Yeah, we we're totally Wiid
by ryan and dil July 09, 2010
The kind of weed you smoke before playing the Nintendo Wii.
"Dude, I smoked some chronic wiid before playing my crip new Wii."
by maxmaxmax January 10, 2007
playing Nintendo Wii while stoned
Dude i just went to Eric's crib and we wii'ded for like 5 hours
by joebojangles August 16, 2008
What you must be smoking to think that PS3s are better than the Wii.
Dumb Shit: Hey man, wanna go smoke some Wiid then buy a PS3?

Smart Guy: Hell no, I'm buying a Wii!
by Steven Mayer April 16, 2007
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