What you must be smoking to think that PS3s are better than the Wii.
Dumb Shit: Hey man, wanna go smoke some Wiid then buy a PS3?

Smart Guy: Hell no, I'm buying a Wii!
by Steven Mayer April 16, 2007
Top Definition
What the guys at Nintendo were smokin' when they thought of the name.
"When we thought of the name, we were smokin' wiid."
- Nintendo
by Ezgamer May 18, 2006
Playing the Wii while smoking bud.
Dude, do you want to go Wiid?
by Bochok December 05, 2009
Playing videogames when stoned...
-Had a time playing the new super rmario game last night, after a few spliffs.

Yeah, we we're totally Wiid
by ryan and dil July 09, 2010
The kind of weed you smoke before playing the Nintendo Wii.
"Dude, I smoked some chronic wiid before playing my crip new Wii."
by maxmaxmax January 10, 2007
playing Nintendo Wii while stoned
Dude i just went to Eric's crib and we wii'ded for like 5 hours
by joebojangles August 16, 2008

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