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Any person or group of peoples (in any lower age group than the speaker) who have a maturity level that is equal to, or less than an average turnip.
"Those damned Wiener-Kids! Always fighting about stupid shit!"

"The Wiener-Kids have all decided it's cool to wear their pants backwards..."


"Arguing for arguments sake is such a Wiener-Kid thing to do."

"F*cking Wiener-Kids"
by Miss.Mazy March 25, 2009
People involved in academic pursuits, espceically invovled in Honors programs, who think they are all very smart and cool, but really they are nothing more than a bunch of chodes. These wiener kids tend to be overenthusiastic about lame events and tend to whine a lot about classes.

Can also be used to insult kids who ask stupid questions during class.
Man that guy just asked the stupidest question! What a wiener kid!
by Henry Chu March 20, 2005
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