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A phrase used to deliberately confuse, confound or befuddle a person with little or no grasp of the English language, who is employed in a job or position where the speaking and the comprehension of English is of paramount importance.

Its use is more effectively enhanced in a sentence, which utilizes other complicated or easily misunderstood words
Gas attendant: What now you want me?

Motorist: My good man, could you direct me, expeditiously if you please, to Wibble Wobble Ave?


Busboy: Can I help to you much?

Diner: Yes my dear fellow, we require forthwith, more bread rolls and a commodious pitcher of iced Wibble Wobble.
by Sparticus Freeholdius May 07, 2009
A definition pertaining to male genitalia, for it "wibble wobbles"
Ima smack dat ho wif my Wibble Wobble!
by Camron932 October 18, 2008

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