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The sound made when a soldiers rank is ripped off of his ACU's, usually used in a derogatory or joking manor.

Can also be used to show great accomplishment, such as when getting promoted.
Sgt. Ewing: Pfc. snuffy where is your hat?
Pfc. snuffy: ahh.. its in my car i forgot it today sgt.

*WHRIPPP* since you forgot you cover i'm forgetting your rank!

Or as a compliment

Col T: Capt. what is the status on that machine gun nest?
Capt O: Sir, I charged it myself and killed all the commies!

*whripppp* I'm promoting you to major!

also used in civilian life

Derek: Dude quick! i need a condom!
Lee: It's my last one man i might need it for tomorrow
Lee: what was that?
Derek: you cock blocked me i'm demoting you to chief cockblocker!
by Tzket September 22, 2010
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