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1. Collection of qualities exclusive to whores and the whore-like.

2. General class of qualities possessed by women like:

Bar Sluts
Bus Station Skanks
Sorority Members (or Sorostitutes)
Actual Whores
Business Whores

Non-Inclusive List of Whorities: Immorality, infidelity, smuttiness, sluttyness, horniness, bisexuality, disrespect for self, empowerment through sex, nymphomania, and extreme variance in sexual partners.
Realist 1: Those sorority girls are ripe with whorities.

Realist 2: Yes, and their mothers would be ashamed of this, except for the fact that whorities are first learned in the home.

Realist 1: True Dat. Their mothers are guilty of the same whorities.
by The AntiGreek March 15, 2005
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