(n.) -- a female who exhibits whore-like behaviors while still maintaining a somewhat favorable reputation. Just like everyone has had a piece of oreos but they are still America's favorite cookie.
Guy 1: Yo are you gonna ask that girl out?
Guy 2: I don't know dude, she kind of gets around.
Guy 1: Yea but she's a whoreo, no one seems to care who else has had her.
by Na-bis-co June 05, 2012
Top Definition
A white girl double-penetrated by two black men.
Paisley Adams is a "whoreo" in the movie of the same name.
by lildevil December 15, 2003
White girl that is in a threesome with two black guys. Or white guy in a threesome with two black girls.
Julian: I did two black girls last night.

Tom : You Whoreo
by Charlosofthevag July 01, 2010
A person whose name is Oreo and also has the physical traits of a whore eg. big booty.
Whoreo's behind is so big it's got its own area code.
by lisaw December 15, 2007
a person who makes you mad enought to want to shout at them without actually wanting to insult them. this word is a combination of whore and oreo. It is generally shouted at friends who are joking around or are being a tiny bit too annoying
person one: you whoreo!
person two: what i beg to differ i am not part oreo!
person one: yeah you are its a recesive trait.
person two: laughs
by ZarahMarieS April 21, 2008
Whore + Oreo = Whoreo

Generally defined as the process in which two black men bump and grind on one incredibly whory white girl.

Thus the name Whoreo was created
J.B- "Dude check out that TOTAL Whoreo"
K.C- "They are defiantly tappin that ass
by Jhacob June 17, 2009
the sexual act characterized by two African American prostitutes purchased by a caucasion John to preform sex with the said caucasion John.
did spencer have sex with those two black whores?

Yeah he had a whoreo.
by quazy modo June 25, 2011
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