One who buys Oreos as a staple food item, and eats them religiously.
"Every time I go to Wal-Mart, I buy milk, bread, cheese, meat, and Oreos!"

"You are such a whoreo."
by HazeMasterFlex October 11, 2011
A whore of both, caucasion and african nationality
The other day, Jeffery enjoyed an orgasmic interlog with two whoreos.
by Planet J May 25, 2012
somebody who whores all of the Oreos.
Freaking Nicole never shares her Oreos. What a whoreo.
by squirtle ;) October 11, 2011
Like a whore, only with a cream filling!
Come in various levels of promiscuity, including mini, regular and double stuf. Shaft Foods also used to sell a triple stuf variety of whoreos, but these were discontinued in favor of the far more accurately named triple double whoreos.
Eric: "I just bought some whoreos, wanna share them with me?"
James: "Depends. How do you eat them?"
Eric: "I like to lick out the creamy filling, then nibble on the wafers."
James:"Nah man you see you gotta soak 'em in milk first."
Eric: "Then what?"
(Katrina and Meagan walk past)
Katrina: "Oh my god, like, check out those whoreos talking about their fucking cookies."
Meagan: "Like, I know right?"
by Kinky Chink September 28, 2011
A person or animal that will do anything for a Oreo cookie.
My dog Gary is a serious whoreo. He freaks out when I get the cookies out of the cupboard.
by ous00ner August 26, 2012
A pet name for your prostitute, referring to her similarity to an Oreo Cookie.
Man A, "I was with the greatest whoreo last night!"

Man B, "I bet you licked off all that cream filling before going in for a bite."

Man A, "Yes."

by Whoreo Dunkz July 06, 2012
When an actual whore is surrounded on both sides by mere attention-whores.
Whoreo is the scene specifically pictured (can't post links, sorry) when Kim Kardashian gave Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner a hug, while Kanye West watched behind her.

Kaitlyn - Kim - Kayne = whoreo
by sty0pa August 30, 2015

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