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Whore + Oreo = Whoreo

Generally defined as the process in which two black men bump and grind on one incredibly whory white girl.

Thus the name Whoreo was created
J.B- "Dude check out that TOTAL Whoreo"
K.C- "They are defiantly tappin that ass
by Jhacob June 17, 2009
A term used when X amounts of attractive women and X amounts of incredibly unattractive women walk into a bar/party

One Classifies them as:
Bang- I would tap that ass fo sho
Boom- I would shoot her before I would ever hit that
K.C- "Dude check out those hoes"
J.B- "Bang Bang Boom"
K.C- "More like Boom, Boom, Bang-"
J.B- "Dude... Sick"
by Jhacob June 16, 2009

Something Made By Hoe(s)

Such as:


Made By:

or Combination Thereof
J.B- "Dude this Cake is Fuckin Delicious"
K.C- " I know, my mom was up all night making it"
J.B- "Hoesmade shit is the best"
K.C- "Hell Yeah
by Jhacob June 25, 2009

Much like O.G describes a person, O.H describes an object (car, bling, guns etc)
J.B- "Check out that Ghetto car, its all rust!"
K.C- "Nah that shits O.H"
J.B- "4 Lyfe"
by Jhacob June 25, 2009
A phrase used to plan a certain act of vandalism without anyone getting suspicious...
Jake: Dude What are you doin this weekend?
Chavez: Shit I was thinkin we can have a chili Night
Jake: Shit yeah, I'm in
by Jhacob May 11, 2009
Contrary to popular belief... SLoL actually means Shit!-Laugh-Out-Loud

Primarily used when given surprising news and requires both "Shit" and "LoL" to Fully get the point across (see below)
Jeff- "Dude My Girlfriend is Pregnant! What am I gone Do?"
Mike- "SLoL... Dont you mean FUTURE Baby Mama?"
Jeff- "Fuck you man"
by Jhacob June 15, 2009
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