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Mainly used to put someone down, but can be rather funny if used in the correct context.
1)Random person: Ah, dude, that bitch is hott!
Other random person: Yeah, but she looks like a whoremonkey...

2) Ah, you fuckin whoremonkey, that was my mom!
by Gothic redneck April 18, 2007
A guy who is so desperate to get laid repeatedly that he will do whatever an eligible girl asks him to do, like a trained monkey.
Brynn: So Aaron really ran to get you lightbulbs in the middle of foreplay?

Kim: Yeah, he'll do whatever I want him to do. He's totally my whore monkey.
by Bryntastic November 10, 2007
A girl that swings from tree to tree just to get banana
She's got multiple boyfriends, what a whore monkey.
by JokesAnonymous December 09, 2015
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