Top Definition
A really hot metal chick who's on tour
a lot of her time.
Kristen Randal from Winds of Plague is a whorehammer dude. She tours all around traveling different cities with her band.
by xJ18 August 28, 2008
an object used to hit ones whore when they misbehave. see also bitch stick
1. i'll hit you with my whore hammer if your not careful selena!!!

2. i really need a whore hammer to hit miley right now.
by bakkerr November 10, 2010
A pornstar who solely performs sexual acts with geeks who play warhammer and/or warhammer 40,000.
She loves it like a whorehammer
by Gillus September 14, 2011
The Mighty penis of ones known as pedro.
pedro - "Hey, my penis isn't small, It's a Whorehammer!!!!"
by les chupacabarra April 17, 2009
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