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The amount of whores in the room to the amount of innocent girls in the room.
There was a 3 to 1 whoratio at the party last night.
#ratio #sex #whore #balls #vagina #nutrash
by Biesen/Geissler April 07, 2009
The ratio of girls that will put-out on a particular night versus the ones that won't. An whoratio over 1 means that you have a decent chance of scoring. Always used in conjunction with the words "feratio" and "sensatio"
This party rocks, the feratio is awesome and the sensatio is through the roof! It would appear that the whoratio is up there as well.

Translation "there are shitloads of chicks at this party, a damn lot of them are hot and I be layin some pipe by midnight"
by J-Lo July 17, 2003
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