When a girl is giving you a blowjob you punch her in the face and follow up by nutting on her face.
Man, she started using teeth so I gave her a whopper with cheese.
by jfizzledizzle May 22, 2009
Top Definition
Name given to an obese female with a real bad yeast infection.
Q: What do you call a 300 pound chick with a yeast infection?
A: A Whopper with cheese!

Richard: Man, I finally got my girl to shave her snatch!

Chris: Damn, that's awesome, I just wish I could get my chick to clean her's. She's a real Whopper with Cheese!
by Huffnagel January 05, 2006
A obese patient with vaginal thrush
Mate, get the heavy duty stretcher and some plastic sheets, we're delivering a Whopper with Cheese.
by TJ_1984_01 May 09, 2007
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