A grocery store which sells foods and items but in a fashionable and kitsch way. Their products are catered for the 20-30 somethings in the US and tend to attract very good looking people who are hippie wannabes.
I'm going to go to the Whole Foods store to eye out some hot girls who are shopping for stupid crap that she could buy elsewhere for cheaper but prefers to shop at Whole Foods because she's dumb and thinks that WF is 'fresher' and 'better' and 'more natural' (false claims) than other grocery stores. The majority of good looking people tend to be easily manipulated to spend more money over fancy claims, therefore Whole Foods is a really good place to find a future hot wife with big boobs trying to find an organic hemp-made bra.
by jeegle March 26, 2010
an up-scale market catering to those seeking natural and organic foods--as well as a unique shopping experience. Whole Foods is a bit pricey, but their "365" brand products are reasonable. The customer service is excellect and the "Prepared Foods" is an awesome place to lunch at.
Dude, I just had lunch at Whole Foods--mushroom lasagna--and now I'm just about broke.
by Carlos Mc November 14, 2007
A place where hippies, environmental freaks, and dumb vegetarians buy all their organic shit. Any self-respecting normal person would never be caught dead in there.
Whole foods is for hippies. Half foods are a lot better.
by Nick D June 04, 2003
A disgrace to the natural food industry. Wild Oats is a lot better, and thats a fact. Its proven by their commitment to customer service and quality, which whole foods has niether of.
I took a shot on whole foods doorstep.
by puntang master August 18, 2004
Food products that are not made in America.
British food is an example of whole food.
by AYB June 05, 2003

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