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Whojawatnow (Who do you what now?)

Word commonly used to respond to a request or statement when the user does not understand any of the words spoken. Word can also be used to describe a situation where the user is perplexed of an outcome ie unexpected death on a computer program where there is no answer to the reason why.

Word can also be used when joining a conversation mid way allowing the others to know they would like to be informed of the latest progress or better understanding of a person or object in question.
Female to female "... And you know mikes girlfriend is going to be eating a lot now because of you know what."
Mike turns round "Whojawatnow?"

Male "......500/120 res with 32bit prosser and 3gb of ram, it runs all programs of that spec"
Male "Whojawatnow? I asked you if you wanted a pizza."

by tomlizard February 16, 2009
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