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The term used by people when realising a mistake that can not be rectified and would mean doing the task from scratch. i.e. Sticking a note on a floppy disk and holding it down with a magnet.

An unfortunate incident meaning the need to outburst a comment to show the annoyance of the person in question.
Sandy: wakie wakie, time to get up sunshine its finals day.
Rachelle: What time is it? I got to get to physics test by 9.
Sandy: sorry its 10, you looked so peaceful sleeping I thought you deserved a lay in.
Rachelle burring head in pillow: Fuck a duck!
by tomlizard June 09, 2010
Defined as a sex addict who has not received any for some time and shows the signs of withdrawal. Commonly seen as a person who will try sexual advances on several people at once, even if the person standing next to then just declined the advances.

A highly sexual person looking for next conquest in all the wrong places including:
1: Ex-Girlfriends.
2: Roommates or best friends other half.
3: Local slut.
4: Colleague during the Christmas party.
5: Ten to 2’s
Mike: Dude you have been out all night and you know you got the early shift.
Dan: Sorry mate I’ve been down the local bars searching for a midnight bike to ride.
Mike: Say no more, your just Cluckin for a fuckin.

Sue: We should not do this it’s not fair to Mike.
Dan: As long as we don’t tell him he won’t have to know.
Sue: your Cluckin for a fuckin and you ant getting it off me.
Dan: What’s your sister’s number and I’ll give her a call.
by tomlizard September 11, 2009
Work Bomber

1) A name of a known college or management who comes into work, even on their day off, to use the facilities.

2) To take a dump in the work place on a daily basis to save buying toilet roll for the home.
1) Employee “what’s john doing here its his day off”
Manager “he’s come in just to drop one, he’s a work bomber.”

2) “Since the misses refuses to let me use the house toilet in the mornings, I’ve turned into a work bomber, cant start the day without a dump. Just think of all the log roll I’ll save”
by tomlizard August 24, 2009
Whojawatnow (Who do you what now?)

Word commonly used to respond to a request or statement when the user does not understand any of the words spoken. Word can also be used to describe a situation where the user is perplexed of an outcome ie unexpected death on a computer program where there is no answer to the reason why.

Word can also be used when joining a conversation mid way allowing the others to know they would like to be informed of the latest progress or better understanding of a person or object in question.
Female to female "... And you know mikes girlfriend is going to be eating a lot now because of you know what."
Mike turns round "Whojawatnow?"

Male "......500/120 res with 32bit prosser and 3gb of ram, it runs all programs of that spec"
Male "Whojawatnow? I asked you if you wanted a pizza."

by tomlizard February 16, 2009
1) A person or persons who you invite round only because you know they have connections to illegal films.

2) The DVD pirate films man/woman who turns up to your work every week with the latest collection of poor cam films of latest block buster.

3) A college at work who always comes in with a hard drive full of the latest films or TV programs and shares them out for shift swaps etc.
1) Steve, my pop up pirate, you fancy coming over tonight? I’ll bring the pizza and you bring the film, I heard you got Avatar and Sherlock Holmes.

2) Man “Iva got a Dev Vay Days, you want fiver each or tree for 10 pounds got lotta porn and cinema films, you buy now, cash point down road, I wait.”

3) Steve: “Mike I need you to cover my late’s next week got football practice every night.” Mike: “I’ll do it only if you give me a load of films to watch, I’ve finished the ones you gave me last week.”
by tomlizard January 08, 2010

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