Abbreviation for Warhammer Online, a MMORPG due out in September 2008. It's a game similar to World of Warcraft, which is abbreviated to WoW.
"What are you guys doing tonight?"
"All-nighter levelling on WHO."
by Rthu August 28, 2008
A shortened slang expressing the question: "Who has the specified thing one is desiring at the specific moment one wants it."
"I'm gonna get some more crack. Who?!"
by TheHoodDwella January 26, 2008
1:A good rock band

2:A medical group that cause fear into many people.They lost alot of credibility in recent years.They defended North Korea's healthcare system.They lied about the Swine Flu pandemic,that said it's going to kill everybody.The Boondocks made fun of them in one episode.
EX 1
Person 1:Did you hear about The WHO performing at the Superbowl this year.

Person 2:Yes they are awesome!

EX 2
Person 1:The medical group WHO has one motive:Profit

Person 2:They lied to me about the massive Swine Flu pandemic failure.I want to beat them to a plup.
by Crazy Irvin August 10, 2010
Who- Cross between Hoe and Whore.
Can be used different ways.
Who, Who-bag, Moo, Moo Bag.
Moo- Man Who. or, Man Hoe, Man Whore.
bag is just added at the end and has no special meaning.

Made up by Marissa Hart in 2006.
Don't be a who and take the credit.
Don't be such a who.
Ew, That's girl is a who-bag.
I'm Surrounded by WHOS!
by candyxmonsterr October 25, 2007
used when u dont know the guy that just porked your girlfriend
WHO the fuck is that bastard?
by SanJ Street August 03, 2003
Used to refer to the type of person who showers infrequently and no one actually speaks to. Allusion to Dr. Seuss's "Whos", but used more in the context of "Who the hell IS that?"
Hey, did you see that Who girl trying to talk to Scott over there?
by AcrylicDrama July 26, 2004
a name for anyone. such as dude, man or guy.
hey, who.
the eff you talkin about, who.
stag dem dunks are turfed like woah, who.
Who, who?
by sam heird November 18, 2003
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