weiner hard on
Yeah.. he got a who when I bent over.
by Janet February 02, 2004
people who feel out something for this name have wayyyyyyyyy toooo much free time....go leave your computer and do something with your life
oh shit nevermind i am feeling out somethind:S HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...im stopping now
by LeAvE aLL oF yOu!!! September 07, 2003
whoes is a shortened word for saying who is.
Many people thought Platinum twat was a bitch and Bond whoes from the chatroom agreed.
by windaria November 19, 2007
A quick abbreviation of Wanna Hang Out. Phones recoginize the word so you can send it as a text to multiple people quickly.
Through Text
Me: who later?
Joey: sure, band room?
by Tiptup100 December 10, 2014

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