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A racial slur for a white person.
Yo, whiteboard- I am going to smack that bud light lime out of your hands.

You be trippin if you think your whiteboard ass is going to get some of this choc-o-lat!
by john bon bon jovi February 13, 2009
The act of grabbing the sides of a mans penis and pulling to create a flat surface that you can write on.
#1:why's your dick red?
#2:I just got a Whiteboard.
by Grass Man of the Ocean January 06, 2012
A woman covered in semen after a long night with many blokes.
"fuck that girl is a whiteboard"
"she almost looks like a whiteboard"
by ptr89 March 15, 2007
Someone who grabbs a certain girl's boob without consent
"Stop whiteboardin its sexual harassment"
by pSeUdOnYmduhhhhh January 29, 2009