a hip drink composed of seltzer and a slice of lemon. Named because of it's ability to keep the mind sharp and the head clear.
steve walked into the bar and, knowing he'd need all his energy and focus for his meetings the next morning, ordered a White Lightning.
by Jamie Sampson June 12, 2008
raw and inferior whiskey (see also rotgut, panther piss)
Just one shot of white lightning and he was plastered to the wall.
by Light Joker September 06, 2005
The act of receiving oral sex from a female, and then to ejaculate (or skeet) on her face. At the very second that one ejaculates onto her face, one punches her in the nose as hard as he can.
"So, Mildred was going down on me last night. I decided it was time for us to break up, so I gave her a taste of the white lightning."

"Man, you gotta white lightning that bitch."

"Could you please white lightning me? I like it rough."
by The LP October 12, 2006

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