It's the place Howard Dean was planning to take over...
Then we're going to Washington D.C. to take back the WHITE HOUSE...yeagh!
by NINJAS January 28, 2005
Verb (Y-Tah Howse) To build a mini-shit mansion on someone's mouth while they sleep, and coat it in cum after construction.
Peter told me, after sleeping together for four weeks, that he has herpes. We haven't used protection. I was so pissed that I built a White House on his mouth and then pissed on it.
by Mejosh June 27, 2009
The president of the United States of America's home. At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, it's the most publicized private home in America.

Just like grandma's place, except stuff like world trade negotiations, army orders and whether or not we can use nuclear weapons is decided.
Bush's crib, the White House, is huge!
by Mirabelle_QT January 14, 2006
*The building in Washington DC where the president of the United States resides and does his work. Although it's his house, he has no privacy.

*A term referring to a segregated house allowing only people of caucasion ethnicity.
Libby-Lib : "There will never be a black president because they called the White House since we're racist and all that shit man."

Me : "Oh shut up, you don't know nothin'."

Libby-Lib : "We're smarter than you Republican nazis!"

Me : "Nazis were national socialists, not conversative capitalists."

Libby-Lib : "There won't be a black president ever."

Me : "Not until Condoleeza Rice runs, my friend."
by Dave September 09, 2004
A structure in Washington DC which was never reached by Canadian forces, as they were destroyed at the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. It was burnt by British forces in the War of 1812, but a rainstorm dosed the flames.

See also: What some moron Canadian nationalist wrote for the first definition under Canada.
The President lives in the White House during his term.
by The Sub July 20, 2005
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