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What every negro on Topix wishes he was.
Blk-fox looked at his welfare check and dreamed of being a white guy so he could get a date.
by Negro Dreamin July 06, 2010
Some of the hottest guys on this earth. What's best is that they come in variety. Ginger, blond, or brown hair. Blue, brown, grey, green, or hazel eyes. They love all kinds of music usually and don't have bad credit like many black guys (Don't think I'm racist I'm actually black) if you have one, appreciate them.
Shaniqua decided she'd go find hot white guys
by Loxierock February 01, 2014
The guy in charge. Sometimes, he's referred to as "The Man."
Person 1: "Who's in charge?"

Person 2: "The White Guy, of course!"
by War Pig July 13, 2012
A term rather stupidly thrown around by people often racist blacks (black people can be racist too as proven in this definition) online and in the U.S as an insult or to describe a male as an effeminate pussy. Although technically a white guy is simply just A WHITE GUY

I've seen many a youtube video entitled White guy does x or white guy does y, White guy hits really low note (race does not factor human vocal range).

Person 1: Man what a fight! Hate to say it but that White Guy won fair and square!

Person 2: Well quite obviously....because he's a 230 lb 36 year old bodybuilder....and his black opponent was a 14 year old kid who had barely hit puberty...


Person 1: That white boy thinks he's so fly? He got nothing on me. Fucking Pussy faggot.

Person 2: Dude, your dad was an award winning rap artist. You may be black but you have lived comfortably off his millionaire income your entire life. That 'white boy' is Albanian and grew up in the roughest neighbourhood in Tirana. I really wouldn't mess with him.
by stingingpaininthebrain July 13, 2012
An immature, whiny white male primarily raised in the suburbs who is very unmasculine and is more like a woman. Most white guys force their women to engage in one sided, sadistic and mutilative sexual acts that border on sexual abuse. They believe this behavior to be romantic. Most do not know how to treat a woman. The majority of white guys are very selfish,materialistic and have overinflated egos. They believe they deserve the finer things in life simply because they are white. Also, they like their women to be frail thin with no curves or shape. A prerequisite to dating a white man is being 5'2 and weighing 100lbs. Generally speaking, these types are very vain, shallow, and prententious.
white guy,loser,coward,immature
by Lisafly 27 March 05, 2011
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