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Middle Eastern male whos 'morning' (2 pm in reality) consists of spending hours sitting at a local coffee shop talking to friends or playing cards. They often (but not always) a order White Mocha.
Cultural habits on display: well groomed chain smoking slobs incapable of returning the coffee shop dishes/utensils/flatware or depositing their trash into a bin.
Customer: Excuse me, are there any tables we can sit at, preferably someplace non-smoking?
Barista: I'm sorry the 'White Mochas' have taken over our entire seating area, we wont have open tables again until after 6 or 7 pm.
by Non-Virtue May 08, 2011
White Chocolate Mocha. A coffee drink so mainstream Metahipsters won't drink it and hipster coffee houses won't even carry the "white chocolate" ingredient to make it.
Normie guy: "Lemme get a medium White Chocolate Mocha"
Hipster coffee house guy: "Uh no, we don't do white mochas and medium isn't a size"
by DefD October 03, 2013
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