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When someone fart's on one's penis.
Your lover is lying face down, you place your hands on there buttocks and with your thumbs you seperate there cheeks. Then placing your erect penis between the spread cheeks, then release the cheeks causing them to clamp down on your penis. Your lover then fart's sending it racing along your shaft.Enjoy your Whistle Dog
by Imodium April 08, 2008
An obscure selection on the menu of fast-food mofos A&W. It's like a hot dog, but with more enthusiasm.

When the customer ordered a whistle dog, the clerk cringed as he fished one out of the warmer oven. Those mofos were 42 months old!
by SeaBat June 13, 2006
A hot dog with bacon and cheese.

Term is somewhat popular in Canada and less so elsewhere. Whistle dogs are available at Canadian A&W as well as many smaller, independently-owned restaurants.
Hot dog! Dad made whistle dogs for dinner!
by j0hnny63 August 11, 2010
A small penis that thinks it's a big penis.
"My whistledog is so sexy."
by pennn April 30, 2010

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