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The act of raising your shot glass with your fist, normally full of whiskey, to salute an excellent performance by a band.
When the band finished the song the entire bar showed them their 'Whiskey Fist'.
by laurus January 28, 2009
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When a male/female has had so much to drink that his/her hand and arm are so limp that they can not perform the act of fisting on the receiving female or male;

Similar to whiskey dick but involving the hand and arm.
I had the worst case of whiskey fist last night, I was all lubed up and set to go and just couldn't get it up....(showing a limp hand hitting clenched fist motion)
by The Geochode June 04, 2010
I don't know, but it makes a squelching sound.
I was trying to say whitney fisk, but all I came up with was whiskey fist.
by Anonynimous September 08, 2006

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