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Whirled is a web-based social network combined with a virtual world, in which you, the player, can contribute and sell new avatars, room backdrops, music, pets and games.

Each player has a room of their own to decorate and hang out chatting with friends. You can build out additional rooms. Most web content can be embedded in your room, including video and music.

Groups allow collaboration with other players around shared interests, with shared group rooms, and built-in Discussion forums.

Any player can easily upload and begin playing with avatars, furniture, games, music and more.

Creators can post their offerings to the Shop where they are rated, tagged, and offered for sale to the global Whirled audience.

Whirled is run by Three Rings (nicknamed OOO by users). The 'Captain' is Daniel James, nicknamed Cleaver. Everybody loves Cleaver.

Online dating is very popular in Whirled and accepted by most. This is one of the many reasons that Whirled is home to much Internet drama. The biggest online daters on the site are called 'statics,' girls (or old men) and boys usually about 11 wearing avatars made at The Doll Palace that change boyfriends/girlfriends every week or so, and seem to cyber like crazy.
Whirled is great, I've made a lot of friends.

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