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Ok, for all that dont know...this doesnt mean "whats up" that would be "whats good" whats really good is reffering to a dude tryin to get a some other dude defined it "a pick up line" so to speak...but its more like after youve met the chick and you dont wanna be pusst footin around shit...
"damn ma, i know we been kickin for a minute but whats really good with us shorty?"
by yoU ALreadY kNOw April 28, 2004
what happening, What's da deal, wassup.
Jason: " What's really good son?"
Sahr: Chillin my nigg. What's da deal?
by J.Gray October 08, 2003
another pick up line a guy would use to get with a girl. A man saying "whats really good" to a girl he really means "whats really good between me and you".
Yo girl, whats really good?
by Alex Cruz March 13, 2004
Commonly used as a pick-up line, initiated by a male. Usually inferring a desire to engage in sexual behavior within a short time after such statement is delivered
Male: "Yo ma, we been talkin' fo' a minute now, whats really good?

Female: "Oh, I dunno..."

Male: "Well, tell me when you know... -oNe-"
by King of Fools May 20, 2006
another slang word for whats up?? how have you been? whats new? tell me something good
hey ma,whats really good
by rayshaw April 22, 2004
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