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Another word for whatever but used normally in a very laid back situation
"I told Pete i couldnt go & he was all like whatevski"
#whatever #okay #sure #alright #doodle
by Turn on the A.C. January 15, 2006
the more elegant and lively form of whatevs. its full of razzle dazzle and oozes supercoolness. its origin is in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has spread throughout the minds of the youth like an epidemic of great taste.
"That girl Devyn is so stubborn its not even funny."
"Whatevskis, at least she's not a total bitch."
"I don't know about that, I hear she lies a lot about the existence of words."
#whatever #whatevs #whatevskis #whatevski #trueskis
by Tricky Tractor January 20, 2010
Alternate to "Whatever" or the more primitive "I don't care"

A-Wanna go to th' sto' to git that Henn-do bottle?
V-Let's play one more game (of Halo 3), we're not goin' out like this.
A-Whatevski, let's go now & play drunk later.
V-Pshaw! Whatevski!?
A-Bitch let's roll!

#whatevs #whatevski #whatever #whenever #wherever
by I am A March 12, 2008
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