1) Old fashioned term from British English asking agreement.

2) Term for anal sex usable in polite situations. (Taken from a South park sketch in which a character sings "What what? In the butt."
1) She has quite a nice body, what what?

2) (Conversation in grocery store line)
"Did you hear about the latest fight between John and Jane?"
"No, what did he do this time?"
"Really? What a jerk."
by ABBenzin February 26, 2010
Acknowledgement of hotness.
Look at that blonde over next to the fruit stand. Can I get a what-what?
by grampa scully January 29, 2004
A status or thing that is highly prized and/or desired.
Dude, I seriously need to hook up and get a what-what - it's been way too long. Why don't you call Renee, she's passing out the booty like free samples at the food court.
by ThaDigga October 17, 2011
Playa greeting--'cos with real ballers, they always know what's -up-.
Long time no see, homie, what-what?
by Boomer January 14, 2000
The term "what what" refers not to a particular thing but rather what you need at any given time.
If you can't remember WHAT it was you were doing last weekend or WHAT the guys name is that owns Berkshire Hathaway LLC, or WHAT that persons name was you were just talking to, then you would confer with an associate on a "what what" ie. you need help cause you need a "what what."
by ChrisB. April 29, 2007
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