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2 definitions by ABBenzin

1) Slang term for one's rectum.

2) Name of rectum-like passage on the Halo 3 map Isolation, which is complete with sphincter at the bottom.
"Where did that red guy go?"
"He must have jumped down the poop-chute."
by ABBenzin February 26, 2010
1) Old fashioned term from British English asking agreement.

2) Term for anal sex usable in polite situations. (Taken from a South park sketch in which a character sings "What what? In the butt."
1) She has quite a nice body, what what?

2) (Conversation in grocery store line)
"Did you hear about the latest fight between John and Jane?"
"No, what did he do this time?"
"Really? What a jerk."
by ABBenzin February 26, 2010