A phrase uttered when one is in an extreme state of baffledness or disbelief; Typically used when one encounters a shocking moment.
Carina: I ate my dog, Bassie's poop today!
Trevor: Ahh what the?
by Mr. Rigg January 04, 2008
another way of sayin' "what the fuck?"
Mr. Woicicki: "Ok, you guys, here's your homework for today."

Ben: "O, what the fizz, dizz?!!"
by Ben Cruz September 24, 2005
A segmant on the australian television program (rove live) it includes random pictures, newspaper clippings or photos.
Rove: A printer cartridge coloured black with the name 'niger'. WHAT THE!!!
by bEATLe_PauL June 03, 2005
What The..?! is a section of Through The Fire and Flames. This section is a tough section for some, and can mostly be achieved by tapping on Guitar Hero III
"Dude! I just got 100% on the What The..?! section of Through The Fire and Flames."

"That's great. Now go outside for once."
by Rikuthemaster April 20, 2008
Short for W-T-F or What the 'F'? Typically used in cases of extreme incomprehension. Also used with the other W words: Who, When, Why, & Where.
Dude, look, your wife is on TV!

What the..?
by Whotha July 11, 2006
a phase used after each unexpected reaction to a development
I dropped my favorite wine glass and it broke, What the!!!
by Bronzebeauty September 02, 2008
Who cares...
what the fuheck is this?
by tony October 21, 2003

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