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Making a fist and hitting someone in the butt cheek as hard as you can using the palm side of the fist.
"Ouch! That whammy you just gave me is really painful."

"I just gave Melvin a whammy so hard it's going to leave a welt there for a week!"

"What the hell is wrong with you? What possessed you to give me a whammy just now?"

by Shmishews February 27, 2009
20 10
Bunk sex or drugs. Something not good.
Kurt sold me a whammy.
by Toya December 08, 2004
6 21
The act of a girl sticking her fist(s) into the vaginal cavity.
Kat had a triple whammy today!!!
by andy March 06, 2003
11 28
Floppy, minging and light in colour
Under cooked sausage and bacon
by Louise Poopant December 16, 2004
3 21
to have group sex (orgie)
Those hillbillies had a family incest whammy last night, what sick freaks.
by Dude October 11, 2003
2 20
The large chunk of skin between the neck and the anus.
This ninja appeared out of nowhere and slashed him right in his whammy!
by Falkan March 06, 2003
6 30
It is of latin origin, branching from the word whammus meridius meaning the special plant. It means Canibus meridius, or Mary Jane as some crude humor may call it. If you believe this you may either be on whammy or are mentally insane. This is not a joke, you are a blatent idiot. Thankyou and have a nice day
dude i am tripping on whammy right now.
by richard slyfox April 23, 2005
4 29