A game show on GSN hosted by Todd Newton. It's a revival of the 80's hit TV game show "Press Your Luck".
Let's play "Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck"!!
by Whammy Fan September 22, 2004
The act of verbally acquiring responsibility for a usually beneficial task or object. When one calls "Whammy" on an object, he/she officially takes ownership and full,one-hundred percent responsibility for that object. When a person calls Whammy,it must be heard by at least one other individual or must be proven.no negotiating may be done-it is the supreme settlement of issues and may not be overruled,revoked or taken back. however,whammy may not be called if the object is already in someone else's possession, or in the event that someone else has already begun the task. Text message whammies ARE allowed.
"Whammy on the blue gatorade!"
"Hey it's mine,I Whammied it!"
"nobody heard you call Whammy so it's mine"
by Kyle Hartman September 17, 2008
A bad haircut usually caused when you get your hair cut by someone with no skills or when the barber slips and cuts off too much hair. Whammys most often occur in young kids that get their hair cut by their mammas. Or you can get a whammy if you let that barber cut your hair that nobody ever goes to.
Ooooh that dude got a whammy!
by Jdub2k6 May 03, 2007
Bunk sex or drugs. Something not good.
Kurt sold me a whammy.
by Toya December 08, 2004
A whammy is another word for 'penis', the opposite of a U.K. Fanny. It adds new meaning to the game 'Guitar Hero', where you use a whammy stick to get extra points.
*Pretty girl walks by*
Man: Wow, my whammy just got very hard.
by Hannie D June 14, 2007
according to dane cook..while gettin sucked off..slamming your hand down on your partner's head causing them to choke on your cock as you scream WHAMMY!!!
Yo dude, I gave this fat whore a WHAMMY!!! last night.
by britorkel August 03, 2006
1. Street term that recreational users created for the sole purpose of renaming the herb Marijuana.
2. Marijuana or using Marijuana.
Wanna go hit the whammy?
by Cpt_Planeteer September 06, 2005

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