When receiving head and about to finish, you slam your girlfriends head down on your dick as far as physically possible while yelling WHAMMY!
Girl: My throat hurts.
Friend: Are you sick?
Girl: No, my boyfriend gave me a Whammy last night.
by SnortyG November 03, 2009
Making a fist and hitting someone in the butt cheek as hard as you can using the palm side of the fist.
"Ouch! That whammy you just gave me is really painful."

"I just gave Melvin a whammy so hard it's going to leave a welt there for a week!"

"What the hell is wrong with you? What possessed you to give me a whammy just now?"

by Shmishews February 27, 2009
When distinguishing between the sizes of women with big asses, this term is used to describe the largest of the big asses.
She got a donkey, but that other bitch has a whammy!
by Spagnett January 18, 2013
Shortened name of "Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck," a remake of the 1980s cult classic game show "Press Your Luck." "Whammy!" aired on Game Show Network from 2002-2003.
Did you see Todd Newton on Whammy!?
by D July 20, 2004
originated from the movie Anchorman. Generally used instead of "i told you so".
Walker:We dont have school today.
Me: Yea we do.
Other guy:Yea we do have it today.
by adam shuf January 17, 2008
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