when you see too much EXCESS skin showing/over lapping bodily areas that shouldnt be there, then you take the proper actions and yell WHALE!!! and tell every one to run for their lives and you take the action of throwing something at that thing (in a sense harpooning the whale). Sharp objects are recommened. And remember it takes a lot to bring down a whale. *CAUTION* EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ADVANCE AT OWN RISK
Johnny did you see that huge whale walking into the ice cream parlor. Hapoon! that whale. Do you want to go whaleing on halloween?
by womanizer January 05, 2006
Top Definition
a sport or game played between men. often played at played at large parties or social events that include the consumption of alcohol. it involves seeing which man can bring home the largest girl or "whale". poking or "harpooning" is hazardous but is recommended. winner is declared by an offical weigh in once the "whale" is incapacitated (passed out). players will often be refered to as ishmael or ahab.
yo, lets go whaleing.
by Tim MacDonald November 30, 2006
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