(noun)-To kill 4 or more people with a Plasma Sword in Halo 2 in rapid succession, can also be accomplished with a Brute Shot or any other weapon, but it is much more difficult.

Performing a whacktacular proves you are a top of the line player
Holy hell, I just overboarded every single one of those bitches with my sword, what a whacktacular!
by Brian H November 11, 2004
(N)Any person, place, or thing. that is gay, or stupid beyond normal standards.
That new Ja Rule song is Whacktacular.
by John Puopolo March 28, 2005
adj. - describing any person, place or thing contributing to pleasurable and vigorous masturbatory experience.
I had a whacktacular weekend perusing volumes of electronic and paperback pornography!
by Tom Zappacosta September 27, 2003
Something great to whack off to.
Drew Careys moobs are the most whacktacular funbags this side of east st. louis.
by Grandma Jenkins October 17, 2006

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