means: What? a guestion
can be used as a form of expression of a greeting
-You know wha...?

-I won a million dollars! reply:...Wha?!?

-Hey dude, this is my new girlfriend April say Hi...reply: Whaaa!

-you spill fruit punch all over my new car seats!.....Wha..!
by Ms. L February 03, 2006
Ricochet and CS player who uses the USP and bugs the hell out of me.
Wha killed me with a USP again.
by Wanksta January 19, 2004
acronym, White House Apologist; describes a political commentator who shills for whichever political party is in control of the Executive branch of the U.S. government, especially during scandals; used as a pejorative
This is what happens when only WHAs are allowed to ask questions.
by Ryan F. July 07, 2005
Doofy Dan's favorite response
Wha? haha
by Go D-squared June 02, 2003
The DOOFY way to say what?
Hey Doof look at that...
by Doofy Dan Auclair June 02, 2003
when somebody is so retarded they say what in a conversation but it comes out wha?
one day robbie said wha to mrs. healy and got a detention for saying wha
by Phil February 22, 2005
o word sum fag seys in the middle of class
this kid named robbie is takinga piss n looks down n seys wha where i go
by Brandon February 24, 2005
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