When a man sticks his nut sac or ball sac in someones mouth and then precedes to jerk himself off and shoots his load in that persons hair.
Last night when i was getting my dick sucked i decided to give that person a wet squirrel.
by One wet squirrel June 01, 2009
Top Definition
When one takes a major shat and left over shit crumbs gets stuck in the ass hair
I dont want to pull my pants up because i dont want to get shit from my wet squirrel to get stuck to my underwear
by MonsterMAx October 08, 2010
When a girl packs away your nuts in either cheek while "climbing" the man's dick by rapidly moving hands down it. All of this while making squirrel sounds.
Man, I got a wet squirrel from Marshall's mom last night, it was nuts!
by Jake, Jared, Kristie December 11, 2006
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