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This is a game where one's friends get in to a small group and form a circle and all start to wank over a chocolate biscuit the last to come loses and must eat the biscuit
This could possbily make the loser very ill but a friend of mine who did it lost and had to eat the biscuit and he said man come tasted salty!!
by Bob March 26, 2005
When a group of sexually deprived men put a biscuit on the floor, stand in a circle around said biscuit, turn off the lights, and simultaneously start masturbating. The game can only be started when everyone's dick is flaccid. The last person to ejaculate on the biscuit has to eat said biscuit. All players must ejaculate. This game is usually played in remote locations such as hunting cabins, ice fishing huts, YMCA locker rooms, The Oval Office, the entire state of West Virginia, Harry Potter Conventions or other events, W.O.W. Tournaments, and middle aged men's mother's basements. In Canada this event is only surpassed in popularity by curling.
When Jethro went on his first Ice Fishing trip to Saskatoon with Cleetus and his friends he was introduced to the past time of Wet Biscuit . Jethro was surprised with how warm the biscuit was after sitting on the ice for so long.
by BDD12 March 29, 2015
a limp, moist, weak, handshake
As in a man or woman gives you a bad handshake. "I sure don't trust that guy Bill, he gives a wet biscuit." (i.e. bad handshake)
by Sassmouth11 July 25, 2011
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