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Wesview High School is a missle silo/ military instalation/ command center placed in Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego, California. The High School is titled as a "Learning Center". Built right after the 9/11 attacks, the "Learning Center" is aproximatly 11 miles away from the Pacific Coast, which is perfect placement for the defense of the Pacific coast. No one but the "Staff" in white lab coats and the janitors, who just happen to be ex-Special Forces and Army Rangers, know where the entrances are. Many high probabilities are the Electrician's closets which just so happen to have stairs in them, the Library's elevator, and the off limits pool area which looks like a command center. Many students belive there is a missle silo because of the things needed to be observed up close and personal. The quad is actually made up of a 25ft in diameter circle inside a 75ft in diameter circle. There is no really logical point to building a school with that design. The pool/ Command center's walls are a lot thicker up close than any of the other schools walls. The school looks as if it is made up of bunkers.

The above is a picture of Westview High School.
by Westview Student Class o' 2010 August 28, 2008
One of the biggest public high schools in Oregon.
Great in sports, although far from the best.

Nice, smart people overall. Part of the Beaverton School District. Freshman usually come from Stoller, Meadowpark, or Five Oaks Middle School.

Colors are red and blue, the mascot is Wildcats.
Majority is Asian or white, although a pretty diverse school.
Rivals are Sunset and Southridge High School.
An nice and ordinary high school in general.
Westview High School may not have the best football team in Oregon, but the school spirit makes up for it.
by IwillnottellyouwhoIam November 20, 2011
A public high school in Portland, OR under the Beaverton School District. Home to the Westview Wildcats. Greatest school ever!
by INeedAMEDIC July 03, 2011
Portland, OR... Westview Wildcats!
Best. High. School. Ever.
Rivals with Sunset HS and Southridge HS!
Westview kids are amazing. Enough said.

All of us BSD kids hate Jesuit HS for mostly unknown reasons, although some include the overly religious, snobby rich kids!

Jesuit beats BSD athletics up, but when it comes to public schools, we own. That includes cheerleading... by far (even with Jesuit).

Westview High School kids are fierce, friendly, and awesome.
We don't cheat. We don't judge.

by KittyKaterina May 24, 2011
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