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An overrated brand of clothing that stupid little teenage girls consider "designer". Designer my ass.

Juicy Couture tracksuits are as fashionable as Uggs.
When was the last time you saw a Juicy Couture hoodie on a runway model?

If you consider $90.00 hoodies "designer", you might want to get a reality check.

The last time I checked, guys don't find sloppy tracksuits, bear paws, and baggy clothing "hot".
Airhead #2: We are soooo rich chickkkssss!!!!
by INeedAMEDIC July 03, 2011
A.S.S. = attention seeking slut.

A girl who's both slutty and... an ass.
Girl #1: Mary is such an attention seeking slut.
Girl #2: You mean A.S.S.?
by INeedAMEDIC July 09, 2011
A public high school in Portland, OR under the Beaverton School District. Home to the Westview Wildcats. Greatest school ever!
by INeedAMEDIC July 03, 2011
Aloha HS: Aloha Assholes.

Westview HS: The bomb! :)

Sunset HS: Sunset Sluts.

Beaverton HS: Beaverton Bitches.

Meadowpark MS: Ghetto Meadow.

Stoller MS: Stroller.

Highland Park MS: Highland Hoes.

Cedar Park MS: "What's that?"
All Beaverton School District high schools, even Aloha, are wayyyyy better than the Jesbos from Jesuit. :)
by INeedAMEDIC July 03, 2011
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