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A fat (presumably) Canadian with a gross left foot, who does nothing but sit at his computer and post random crap all day on a forum about "guns".
"They see me rollin', they hatin'"-Westicle
"Check out my foot!"-Westicle
"I like boobies!"-Westicle
by Westicle's Lover June 29, 2009
A peculiar member of a Canadian Web Forum that was decorated for an act of bravery.
Westicle had the fortitude to back into a fire and try to rescue a trapped man.
by CGSArgus April 16, 2009
the testicle that is to the left of you when you look down.
my westicle has been hurtin me for a week now.
by op February 18, 2004
short, annoying habitant of the Pacific Northwest.
"shutup you westicle!"
by Weste February 06, 2004
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