Used by people in North Liverpool as a slang word for bizarre situations, objects or people. Usually applied to people who've lost the plot.
"Did you see that girl dancing before? She was west!"
by Billy & Wally November 12, 2003
Wall-like breasts often found on high school ho's, little girls, and annoying bitches that flaunt their chests (or lack there of).
That skank is trying to pick up some cock, but no cock can tit fuck those wests.
by Neonidas May 25, 2009
Often used in a phrase to suggest that something is bad or unfavourable.
'this hangover is sending me west'

'don't go to *insert shitty town here* it will send you west'
by fella111 April 10, 2009
Someone who acts odd or wierd but in a funny way for them. They are different and see things differently. Similar to the word 'waste' or 'wasteman' (see alt. deffinition for more info). Can be used as a prefix to name (see examples below).
1. Person A: I cant believe he randomly turned up at our party. Hes west.

2 Girl: I lashed three boys today
Group: Errrrrr your too west.

3. Apparently Sam is taking meow in lectures. They dont call him west Sam for nothing.
by LeedsRR November 12, 2010
A term often used to describe a bad place or something that is undesirable. It can be used to express dislike for a situation or object.
This club is sending me West!
by knobbo August 06, 2008
To tell a long disconnected story while making obscene gestures that causes people to travel that direction
"Man someone just Wested me for 45 minutes"

"As I was using the shitter, I got wested"

"No suprise, that West bored me to death"

"I got a ride home in his Eddie Bauer and I got Wested"
by Street Chalk 47 July 14, 2009
To have smoked too much weed to the point of collapsation/vomiting
Man im fucking west as a kite
by chef January 10, 2004

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