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3 definitions by knobbo

Originating from the island of Jersey. This word literally means 'very'. This word (especially when used in the phrase 'mal weak' (very good)) is often ridiculed by visitors to the island.
Visitor: Do you know anywhere good to go in Jersey?

Chav local: yeah, just go out and get waaaasted. Get down to Liquid, that place is mal weak

Visitor: eh?

Chav local: yeah its buzzing. weak as fack!

Visitor: *sigh*
by knobbo June 30, 2009
Used in Jersey to express that something is good. It is mainly used by chavs and is often met by bemusement from those who have not heard it used in this way before.
Chav 1: Stealing that cider was a mal (very) weak idea

Chav 2: Yeah man, I buzz off doing weak shit like that
by knobbo June 30, 2009
A term often used to describe a bad place or something that is undesirable. It can be used to express dislike for a situation or object.
This club is sending me West!
by knobbo August 06, 2008