to have a small willy
james wagg has a wenis
by danny wenis August 05, 2006
A tiny nerd looking person who scampers about with only studying on his mind
Wow, Herman, you are the biggest wenis that i have ever met
by Betsy Herman May 26, 2005
A wierd looking penis.
Damn nigga! You got a wenis.
by Mikey C notes October 09, 2006
WENIS::a person, or mother, who makes her daughter(who does nothing but get on the internet all day) get off of line; and clean, not just clean SCRUB EVERYTHING;including doing white laundry;ie. fucking crazy bullshit.
god damn i gotta do the laundry,"fuccck foo,WENIS"
by brenduh and VITA August 14, 2005
1.What everyone(especially Yomom) is, except me.
2.A cross between a weiner, and a penis.
3.A slang term for a girls vagina.
1.Hey! I just saw the big fat wenis walkin down the street!(Yomom)
2.You forgot to tell me not to touch your wenis!
3.I licked Val's wenis!(said by:Yomom)
by Lerris April 13, 2004
a young indian man's pen15.
Amir, have you been to the wenis factory today?
No, Amol, i have not.
by packer mc fudge February 23, 2005
A cross between a Penis and a Wenis.

Also a stuffed animal turtle that was touched by a human penis.

Poor frank was touched by a penis. i hope it didnt hurt his shell...
by babablacksheep April 16, 2004

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