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To be the greatest friend in the world. Usually welsh, male and aesthetically pleasing.
'I love that Callum, welsh cake I do'
by bickyyyyy July 28, 2009
22 4
Traditional food from Wales. Used to be cooked and given to miners before they went down the pits. Traditionally cooked on St.Davids Day. Baked on a griddle, made of flour, eggs, sugar, butter/lard and raisins/currents. Delicious.
Girl: My Mam makes the best welsh cakes.
by x0Thursday February 06, 2009
9 2
A turd eaten of the back of someone else's hand.
See that Charlotte Church? She looks hungry for a Welsh Cake she does.

by k.Skid February 02, 2010
3 11
A smelly deposit left by a Welsh bloke in the office toilet.

To To curl one up, drop the kids off or lay cable is also to "Bake a Welsh Cake".

It ALWAYS takes 20 minutes or more to bake a welsh cake.
I wouldn't go in the 2nd floor bogs just yet Mike - I think Seimon has baked a welsh cake.
by Judster October 15, 2004
10 28