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To be the greatest friend in the world. Usually welsh, male and aesthetically pleasing.
'I love that Callum, welsh cake I do'
#welsh ck #wesh cake #wlsh ck #welsh ce #welsh cak
by bickyyyyy July 28, 2009
Traditional food from Wales. Used to be cooked and given to miners before they went down the pits. Traditionally cooked on St.Davids Day. Baked on a griddle, made of flour, eggs, sugar, butter/lard and raisins/currents. Delicious.
Girl: My Mam makes the best welsh cakes.
#welsh cake #welsh food #wales #welshcake #welsh cakes
by x0Thursday February 06, 2009
A turd eaten of the back of someone else's hand.
See that Charlotte Church? She looks hungry for a Welsh Cake she does.

#turd #welsh cake #welsh cakes #hot lunch #poo
by k.Skid February 02, 2010
A smelly deposit left by a Welsh bloke in the office toilet.

To To curl one up, drop the kids off or lay cable is also to "Bake a Welsh Cake".

It ALWAYS takes 20 minutes or more to bake a welsh cake.
I wouldn't go in the 2nd floor bogs just yet Mike - I think Seimon has baked a welsh cake.
by Judster October 15, 2004
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