A term to be substituted for the word "Douche". The only noticable difference between the term "Wellsy" and "Douche" is when you call someone a douche, you are essentially calling them pathetic, bumbling and a moron... however the term "Wellsy" also add's the sense of denial and false arrogance to the term. This makes the term "Wellsy" infact quite offensive, and as such, should not be used lightly.
"Nice face, Wellsy"

"John is usually really cool, but sometimes he can be a real wellsy"

"Dam i'd like to hit that underage piece of ass, but she talks like a bloody wellsy"
by Atmo August 01, 2006
Top Definition
A Total fuking geeza
Wellsy is a total fuking geeza
by Unknown September 19, 2003
One spastic ginger.
Person:"Oh my godits a...a.........."
Person:"owwww!Bitch, get off that hurts, you must be a welsy."
by HBG128 March 17, 2005
hes my nigga the small man of bedfont lol! he gets drunk on tango init blud!
"well fuck me ur lady friend got a voice"
by sunnu September 20, 2003
One Spastit Ginger.
Person:"Oh my god its a ......"
Person:"owwwww!Bitch that hurts you must be a Wellsy"
by HBG128 March 17, 2005
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