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As defined by Moe, a person who doesn't wish another person any specific harm.
"I'm a well-wisher, in that I don't wish you any specific harm." -Moe
by Johnny Rocketfingers December 01, 2003
someone who smiles in your face but actually wishes to put a knife in your back.
man y'all some well wishers!


All these well wishers are just at my party to get at my ladies and alcohol.
by airjordan89 September 27, 2010
Someone who wishes to throw you down a well, with the intention of murdering you.
"There are a lot of well-wishers in the room today."
by Snakner April 30, 2009
an unstoppable force of sonic choas which feeds on the ears of the world's children
You just rocked my ass, wellwisher!
by the world's children September 27, 2003
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