Welfare parasite is an inaccurate, hateful term used to slur those on welfare. The term is usually thrown about by poorly educated, racist white trash, barely hovering above welfare themselves, as code word for "lazy blacks."
Because I am an ignoramus, I get all worked up about the paltry amounts given to so-called welfare parasites, but never bitch about the trillions given to the parasitic wealthy.
by TheOtherDrG April 12, 2011
Top Definition
A typical non working piece of lazy crap person too lazy to work who lives off public assistance & the tax payers. People who receive Welfare checks & Food Stamps. Many people in Louisiana.
If all the Welfare Parasites in the U.S. worked, I would definitely have Social Security to look forward to when i retire.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 24, 2008
the people that suck(the parasite)the taxes(for welfare) out of my paycheck because they are too lazy to carry their ass to work.
1. It would be nice to get a president that would get rid of all the welfare parasites.

2. It sho must be nice bein a welfare parasite, free moneys and free food..... I'm the dumb ass for having a job!
by gagarn April 25, 2008
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